Saturday, December 20, 2014

At the pier

The Anvil

Plenty of interesting angles on this building. I do find myself taking photos pretty much every time I walk past :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Reifle Bird Sanctuary

I took advantage of the nice weather last weekend to visit the bird sanctuary, along with a ton of other folks apparently ;)

Always enjoy the colourful wood duck

If it hadn't been for a few people already taking photos, I never would have seen the owls

This time I spend a bit more time in the bird-blinds and watched this hooded merganser for a while

It was quite cold, with a number of the channels frozen over

I always enjoy the cranes

These two were feisty

The un-assuming american coot, check out that foot :)

The snow geese were around, but I didn't get very close

I watched this heron find a new place to enjoy the sun and snuck around to have a closer look

This little guy was well camouflaged

Always enjoy messing around with reflections

This mallard was sitting in her own little hole in the ice

One the way out I spotted a couple of northern shovelers

They were very busy finding food, it proved tough getting a clear shot of the wide beak.

Great way to spend a sunny day in November :)