Thursday, April 30, 2009

Walking on Broadway

It was a nice night.









Late light

Matching socks

Last light

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dualsporting in West Harrison

I met some folks off and we went for a ride up the west side of Harrison Lake.

The weather was nice and we took our time getting out there, taking in some of the twisties around Stave Lake.

Finally we got to Harrison Mills and turned north.

Here we are during the first 'pit stop'

Tim and I went and ran some of the side trails under the power lines. Turns out the sidestand on the BMW leaves a bit to be desired, at least as far as the attachment on the springs goes.

Here is the beemer leaning during our stop at 20 mile bay

And here is the view:

I could have spent hours taking photos. I shot some film and also some digital so I could put up some shots for the blog without delay :)

Mike had some rather convoluted instructions to some hotsprings, but we didn't find them. Which was fine as we got to spend some time exploring.

I wonder if this made a big boom when it went?!

Views over the lake (KLR for scale)

Our turn around (we kept finding the end of the road :) )

One final black & white.

Great day, we did more of the 'side tracking' on the way back and it was a great time.

Lots of fun :D

Hope you had a great weekend.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Walk to Granville Island (and back)

We took a little walk and had some dinner. Or was it that we had some dinner and took a little walk.

Works either way :)

Brilliant Sky


(that one took a while to get, lots of waiting :) )



Always keep your eye on the ball

The stuff that dreams are made of v 2.0

Untitled (too easy)

Have a good night!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vancouver Sun Run 2009

I decided to walk down to get some shots. But I woke up a bit late and didn't get down there till around 10.45. So the fast runners had all gone, which in a way made it more interesting for me.

I decided to walk away from the crowds and see what was happening elsewhere. Which I figured wouldn't be all that much.

Entry for my "Closed" project

Audience of One

Holding back the crowds

Hope you had a good weekend.