Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hot October in New West

Some photos from some of the October photo walks

King of the Hill

It's a special case

Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 Dual sport road trip - Day 7

Leaving the lodge in Halfway after a damn fine breakfast Tony and I went looking for a ghost town that was just north of Halfway. One of the reasons we'd chosen it for a stop was it's proximity.

It was a short run till we left civilization behind

Or did we? This was immediately to the left of the picture above:

Now, you might ask, who needs a wifi hotspot in the middle of nowhere? Well, don't look at me, I don't have the slightest :)

Unfortunately most of the buildings in the 'ghost town' were actually occupied or had big No Trespassing signs, but there were a few we could get close to.

Tony took more photos of the buildings, I stalked this deer :)

Yeah, I didn't get all that close. But I had fun.

Our bikes, resting.

From there we rode west and even a bit north. At one point I wasn't sure if we were on the right path (note: GPS units only help so much), but we were and the road was amazing, and so were the views.

The road

From here we rode to "where the hills have eyes". If you don't know, consider yourself lucky ;) Didn't stop there for lunch after all though, but we did chat with a bunch of sunburned Harley riders. The looked at us rather suspiciously with all our gear on. Then we pushed on, further across Oregon and towards The Dalles.

It was damn hot, so shade got the thumbs up

Lunch was at an old diner in Hoeppner. The town had had fought a wildfire just a few days before and the entire town was surrounded by scorched earth. Pretty scary.

The last stop before The Dalles was an abandoned old house just off the highway.

That's not a bloody hand print, is it?

I sure hope there isn't some creepy mass-murderer inside!

Nope, just Tony :)

The bikes were getting impatient, so we mounted up and rode towards cold beers and food.

It's strange, but these days when I get into The Dalles it feels awfully close to home. I've made it back from there in a day, but Tony and I were planning to make one more stop. Though finding a room proved really difficult as just about everything we wanted was sold out.

But that's something for the next post :)

2014 Dual sport road trip - Day 6 part 2

Earlier in the day I finally got some cell coverage in Clarkston and I managed to call the Pine Valley Lodge in Halfway, where we were planning to stay. From the website it certainly looked 'quirky' but over the years I've learned that sometimes the smaller 'one-off' places are actually the most memorable.

Rush hour in Halfway

Parked for the night

The place was definitely cowboy themed, which was very appropriate given that the main house was actually created by joining a several old buildings together.

These paths connected the two buildings and the additional sitting areas

View from the front porch

Nothing's wasted

The lodge even came with a cranky old man in a rocking chair on the front porch ;)

We didn't make reservations, but managed to get a seat anyways :D

Object deArt

I know I went on for a long time about Halfway, but we really did have a nice stay. Best of all, they had laundry facilities and didn't even charge for their use. Perfect timing too, because some of ... well, let's just say it was high time we did some laundry. Also, we did have plenty of beer.

Good times :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

2014 Dual sport Trip - Day 6

I know it's been a while coming, but that happens ;)

We headed back west for the first time, though we also went south, so it didn't feel like we were heading towards home at all.

This shot turned out very well, I like how the bikes look ready for us to start the day.

Just past rattlesnake canyon, it was time to take a stop in Oregon

You can see some of the haze. We were now heading towards the fires and the rain at the same time.

Where we came from

And then it got wet. Leaving Enterprise, OR we started riding through some very strong wind and some increasing rain. The bikers coming towards us were wearing their rain gear. Tony and I were just in our jerseys and armour, which Tony did get a very positive comment about at the gas station, from a mother who liked the example we were setting for her sons.

Us? Role-models? LOL.

Anyway, we got through the rain, bit cold and slightly wet, but never enough to stop and put on the rain gear.

Beautiful red rocks around Tony

Mandatory stop at the Hell's Canyon lookout

This was pretty much all the blue sky there was ;)

I'll split this day in two and talk separately about where we stayed this night.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

By the river

Sometimes getting out on an overcast or wet day can pay big dividends, the light is just so much softer and saturated.

Under Construction

Original ... negative

1/2 and half