Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 Dual sport road trip - Day 6 part 2

Earlier in the day I finally got some cell coverage in Clarkston and I managed to call the Pine Valley Lodge in Halfway, where we were planning to stay. From the website it certainly looked 'quirky' but over the years I've learned that sometimes the smaller 'one-off' places are actually the most memorable.

Rush hour in Halfway

Parked for the night

The place was definitely cowboy themed, which was very appropriate given that the main house was actually created by joining a several old buildings together.

These paths connected the two buildings and the additional sitting areas

View from the front porch

Nothing's wasted

The lodge even came with a cranky old man in a rocking chair on the front porch ;)

We didn't make reservations, but managed to get a seat anyways :D

Object deArt

I know I went on for a long time about Halfway, but we really did have a nice stay. Best of all, they had laundry facilities and didn't even charge for their use. Perfect timing too, because some of ... well, let's just say it was high time we did some laundry. Also, we did have plenty of beer.

Good times :)

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