Sunday, April 5, 2009

How do you judge progress?

I know, it's an odd question. And for the one or two people who actually follow this blog, it may seem out of character.

But you see, today was the first 'ride' of the season. Jerry and I went out for a bit of riding, some 7 hours or so. We rode all our usual backroads and sessioned some.

As I sat here reflecting on the day and thought about ensuring my sportbike next week, I started to think about how we actually judge progress.

I remember when I first started riding sportbikes, there was a ride to Squamish where two guys on bikes literally flew past me in a corner. They were leaned over so far and screamed past at what seemed absolutely ridiculous speed. And over the last few years, I don't recall any time when we've been 'on it' and got passed. Does this mean I've made progress?

I think I will try and sell my Ninja this season. She's been with me since 2005 and I've had some tremendous fun with her. Still at the beginning of every season I'm amazed and scared for the first ride or two. And then it fades and we start performing like a team. But it might be time to move on. Try to get through life with just one bike. Leave the sportbike scene behind. Focus on touring more on the KLR, maybe riding a bit more offroad. Does that mean I've made progress?

My riding and interest seem to be changing. Things that I used to do (still do as a matter of fact) I don't seem to appreciate much when seeing others who do the same things. I know that Jerry had some similar thoughts on our road trip last year where he started to question the way we ride. Not because of what it meant for us in terms of risk or danger, but because of how it was affecting other folks who we 'share' the road with.

Progress? I don't know. Maybe it's more of a slow but significant realization.

Soon I hope to return to regular photo features, I know it's been a bit slow lately.

Hope you had a good weekend.


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