Friday, August 31, 2007

Hooligans? a.k.a. Guess who I spotted!

So I'm walking along, minding my own business and I'm passing over the Granville street bridge, when I'm ... well ... interrupted from taking some nice scenic shots

I look across and there are literally hundreds of bikes clogging the bridge Northbound.

So I grab my camera, dash across four (4!) lanes of traffic and start taking some shots. I meet some friendly people:

And then who do I see?

Morgman himself! Right at the head of the hooligans, bright red shirt, big pimpin' glasses and smirk of course:

I think these were mostly new riders though, as they had an apparent lack of instruction of the bicycles use. There was a real tendency to hoist the bikes above their heads for strange and unknown to me reasons:

I didn't want to criticize as they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

I took the opportunity to chat with a couple of nice girls, sadly the one with the shades was leaving Vancouver for parts unknown. Well, she probably knew, but I didn't get that much of the story ;)

Then it was onto a bit more photography of other, not nearly as exciting things:

That is all.

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