Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Drunk-horse tour of Idaho, Oregon and Washington - Day 2

I slept quite well, which doesn't normally happen in hotels. So I was quite happy. My back had been sore as hell last night, mostly because I carried too much stuff in my back pack, which didn't fit between me and all the stuff on the bike. I'd repacked a few things and was hoping for a better day.

I'm must be a masochist because after breakfast at the Best Western I got all my stuff packed and headed back out on the interstate.

In case you haven't been Yakima and Kennewick are not exactly the 'jewels of Washington state'. More like the armpit. Or the as...... never mind, you get the idea.

So off I went. The wind was blowing, the bike was loaded and I just kept my head down for a few hour. There was dual sporting ahead after all, and I couldn't wait to get at it.

Once the interstate split from Hwy 12 things eventually got a bit smaller and I was enjoying the riding more.

And I like the emptiness:

I did make sure I rode the spiral highway north of Lewiston, and I rode the P1 going into Orofino, so there was a bit of fun to be had toward the end of the day. The temps were not to bad (mid 80's) and the KLR was running well.

I once again stayed at the Konkolville motel. Clean rooms and affordable. I wanted to make Orofino a bit of a base of operations for a couple of days.

After a dip in the pool I went out for good Mexican food and supplies (gator aid and powerbars for the riding and a six pack of Henry Weinhard's for the post ride enjoyment).

The real riding starts tomorrow and the good bits contain many more photos :)

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