Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Drunk Horse Tour - Day 4

I'm not sure what it is about staying at the Konkolville motel, but the second day seems to lead to rain. I woke up and my plans started to change. It was pouring out.

I chatted with some older riders over a good solid breakfast and then started my trek south. I had intended to ride more around the area, but the forecast was better the further south I looked.

So I bypassed the road to Elk City, even though it looked mighty twisty, you can just make it out next to the river below

I was still in pretty good spirits and mostly dry at this point

I took 13 into Grangeville and then 95 south. Before McCall I got some gas and was pleasantly surprised at the few twisties leading to it, but all in all it was not a good day. Lunch was OK, though sitting there with a soaked crotch was not really ideal. I guess the rain suit pants have pretty much had it.

In the end I checked into an AmericInn and met a fellow rider on check in. We were both traveling solo so we decided to grab a beer later. I still wanted to do a bit of exploring so I went back north.

Some of the spots I found involved some deeper water crossings and being solo and already plenty wet, this didn't seem like the best idea.

Eventually I found a trail of packed rocks heading north and found this on the trail

Well, given the temp and the location, I was pretty sure it wasn't real when I blitzed over it. Still I went back to check and took the opportunity to take a few shots.

It was pretty slick in spots due to the rocks

But the view was nice

Eventually I reached the top where the hiking trails started and headed back. Good thing to, as it started raining harder.

And I was hungry!

A well balanced diet, especially when combined with some beer. Which I shared with Bob (the guy I met checking in). Or, he shared some Fat Tire Ale with me ;)
Turns out he had recently gotten into dualsporting and we shared some stories and tips. He had his FJR on this trip but a DR at home.

As we got talking I found out that he use to work for the DEA and was now retired. Later on he shared some stories and it was pretty fascinating.

Eventually it was time to turn in.

A decent, though wet day...

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