Monday, March 15, 2010

Holga first attempts

First off, I have not shot enough lately. More importantly, I have not finished what I started, i.e. I had a lot of partially shot rolls of film

I finally finished the roll of black and white film in my Holga and got to 'experience' developing it. It took me 20 minutes to get the film onto the development reel. In total darkness of course. (for those of you who have never developed film, I can do the same with a roll of 35mm in about 1 minute). Frankly, medium format film is so much tougher than 35mm, I wasn't quite prepared for it.

But, I persevered. And here are a few results, i.e. my first 3 scans :)

Kitsilano Garage

Minimalist Holga

By far my favourite shot of the three I managed to scan so far.

A yard.

Overall, I'm quite pleased and am looking forward to shooting more with it. It sure doesn't make photography 'easier' but it the 6x6cm negatives are impressive and I do like the idea of shooting a camera made entirely of plastic, lens and all. $40 well spent ... now if only the film was cheaper.

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