Saturday, July 17, 2010

Starting to feel better

Summer colds, they really take a bit out of the nice weather.

Finally, I'm feeling more like doing 'things' so I got out last night and went for a walk.

I've been acquiring more of a taste for 'worn out' images

These two were actually side by side.

I'm also trying to shoot a few more abstracts, but as a series when possible.




Down by City Hall I took a walk through the little 'Japanese garden' and it's actually quite calming there

Old Fountain

Duck pond



The light was quite tricky to shoot in and I'm going to try and stop by at different times to see if it improves. Quick tricky under the tall trees.


I like these in sepia

Also, I'm trying to work more on interesting flash fill. Not the best subject (or execution ;) ) but I'm working on it.

Have a great weekend.


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