Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mount St. Helen's Landscapes

I'm not quite ready to start my ride report for this years road trip, however, I'm working on some of the photos (and I took better notes this year, so I'm unlikely to forget things like I did for the last ride report ;) ).

I may post short sets of related photos independently of the (eventual) ride report.

Hope some enjoy them :)

The first set is from Jerry and my 2nd trip up Windy Ridge, Jerry was ... umm .. 'indisposed' ... yes, that's a nice way to phrase it, so I had plenty of time to shoot the surrounding landscapes. Note that after this day he refused to drink the raspberry ale, noting it did not agree with his sensitive constitution and caused *ahem* 'delays' ;)

Enough back story, onto the pictures.

I love the vivid colour rendering on the D300, but at the same time, I just feel some of these landscapes work well in black & white.

Have a great weekend.