Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vancouver Aquarium

Michelle and I went and spent a couple of hours at the aquarium. Taking photos there is very challenging. Actually, that's not true. Taking _good_ photos there is very challenging ;)

Would you believe fish this colourful live in BC waters?

Or that there are parts where life is this plentiful

Great colours

Clown Fish

Who's watching who?

I like how the white dots stand out

Yes they have birds at the aquarium :)

And spiders too!


For Halloween there are additional 'scary' displays :)

Want to guess what this is?

Without the 'shows' with Killer whales, much less is going on outside.

But we did spend a lot of time watching the belugas :)

One kept blowing bubble-rings and then "swallowing" them. Very tricky to get a photo of in the dark :)

You can _just_ make it out here.

Watching the otters get fed was pretty entertaining too :)

All too soon it was closing time.

One thing you can only find outside the aquarium now: Orcas

Happy Halloween.


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