Wednesday, September 21, 2011

National Parks Roadtrip 2

Day 2 started in BC and ended in Canmore. It was a very long day but it did end in a hotel with a waterslide (see Michelle's photos in her blog :) ).

Into the park

Spotted by Michelle

Sometimes you need to be looking for the small things, while in the presence of the big ones.

Jasper photos:

Michelle getting her version of this shot :)

Michelle did very well in not taking 100's of dead bug photos on this trip. Despite the joy she felt at killing plenty of them with her car. Instead she really focused on other things :)

I can't decide which of the two shots from this stop I like better

Though I'm leaning towards this one

It's almost like the trees are slowly eating the mountain.

One of many panoramas taken as we get closer to the Columbia icefields.

At the icefields:

Bus for scale

In case you were unclear

The little marker on the right is where the glacier was in 1982, the first year I visited Canada

In the late 1800's the glacier extended well past the parking lot & lake


From the icefields we pushed on to Lake Louise. Unfortunately we did not find a place we wanted to stay. But we did go look at the lake

Moraine Lake at sunset

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