Thursday, August 23, 2012

Road Stories - Planning is good

Yes, that's Jerry using a gatoraid bottle and a length of plastic tubing (provided by yours-truly) to siphon some gas from the KLR (a.k.a 'The Tanker').

Now, it would be easy to write about Jerry screwed up and how important it is to plan ahead and have gas and know where to get more blah blah blah.

All that would be total BS.

We knew Jerry would probably run out and that I'd have plenty of gas. I brought the tube all the way from Canada. Totally planned, no problems and Jerry made the gas station we intended on that extra single bottle (which in itself is actually quite amazing.

But when you're riding, you can't plan for everything. Like the cop who pulled us over just before (nice guy btw :) ).
Or the guy who crosses lanes without looking.
Or the dumbass who doesn't know how to drive their rental RV and so takes up the oncoming lane in tight corners.

So, you have to ride at a point where you can get there. And back. And survive the unexpected.

Some days later, on the way back from California, I planed to go north on a small forest service road. It showed as paved on the map and would allow me to pop out in Oakridge, ride north to Rainbow and eventually end up in Bend (after a long day though).

Turns out, the road was not only unpaved, but washed out further ahead. And the gravel felt like marbles and the wash-boarding was horrible. Note that I stopped on a flat part so I could take the photo.

So, I ended up turning around. I figured I'd have enough gas if I turned to make it to the Roseburg if I had to (look up Roseburg and Bend on a map and realize how far appart they are :) ). It was 37 or 38 degrees, I don't think I'd have made Bend in either case. I was out of water when I rolled into the hotel.

Planning is good, but plans are often worthless.

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