Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Took a little walk.

No, really. I took my DSLR to work today and took a little walk around where I work at lunch.

Just a few photos :)

Ramp at the Keg head office

Path behind the office complex

Tiles with frost at a pedestrian-only rail crossing

This should be titles "Circular Polarizers - why do I love thee"

You don't get a chance to shoot ice in Vancouver often mid day, so I took advantage

Grass (I know, how descriptive! ;) )

At some point I'm going to do a series of hydrants of different types. I should work on the sky a bit more in this one a bit more, but I'm not all that motivated to right now.

Flag wall. Just shot this for the texture

I took a number of shots of this tree and it's bark.

Hope you enjoyed some of the photos.


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