Sunday, January 27, 2008

Making up for lost time

Well, you can't though, can you. Time doesn't come back. You can't save it, no matter what they tell you. You can't waste it, time doesn't care what you do. And you sure can't make it up, time is immune to your attempts to make it bend to your will.

But it's free and yes, you can spend it. So I guess I spent this weekend on photography.

Another walk today with the D40 and two hours, 588 photos and one bagel later (Siegel's poppy seed, YUM), this is blog entry containing the results. While they may speak for themselves, after all, some folks have the odd notion of an equation between words and photo's, I may play interpreter in case the language is foreign to you.

Without further delay, after all, you don't come here for my ramblings, do you? Here are the results:

Waiting for spring

Waking to sunshine. And coffee. Hmmm coooooofffffeeeeeee!

This next one really is just to help set the mood for some of the other images. It doesn't have that much going for it on it's own.

If there is a picture that describes this day, well then this one must have been paying attention during the intro because it happens to do a decent job

Somehow, we manage to find ourselves alone on a busy day. So we turn to our cell phone, PDA's and ipods for comfort and to ensure we don't look alone. After all, what would people think?

Between the next two, you'll have to decide for yourself if you're a colour or B&W fan. In either case, pay homage to the circular polarizer without which neither of these would have been worth showing

Those who know me will know which is my favourite :)

The water seemed to appeal to all sorts of folks today

Every time I walk past the 'dog beach' I promise myself that one day I will take a great photo of that spot. Today was not that day.

I'll show the photo first and tell the story after:

As I was walking past the dog beach, I saw this girl walking past me with these great mitts and a Starbucks(tm). I wanted to get a shot of the mitts but she was a ways ahead of me. I managed to catch up without wiping out and destroying my 18-200VR, despite the icy walkways and asked her if I could take a photo. While surprised, she readily agreed. I think the fact that I was only asking her to shoot her mitt helped. Of course with all that going on, specifically me thinking "is she going to think I'm some kind of weirdo?", I didn't set my F-stop properly, so I didn't get the depth of field I was planning on. But at least I have a story to tell, even if the pictures isn't telling the story it was hired for.

Let's again play the 'colour vs. B&W" game shall we:

Clear winner this time. Oh, I can hear some of you complaining now "But Bjorn, those are not the same photo!" You darn tootin (does anyone still say that, btw? Did they ever?!) Anyways, I'll let you in on a little secret, the tree above, yeah, not the same photo either. Yes I'm serious! It's just, ya see, that trees move less and kites, well they move more. Edumacational, ain't it!

Mid day silhouette

Aside: one day I'll be able to spell silhouette without using a spell checker. But once again, you guessed it, today was not that day.

"The Crab"

Really tougher to shoot than you'd think. Touchy little beast, it just won't put itself in a position where it's easy to get a good shot.

I've been trying to do better in lining up my shots and lining them up straight. The operative word is 'trying'. This was a bit of test. It's marginal, but with only a touch of straightening it's presentable.

Bait Cars stay out!

It's nice that they give car thieves an area to work unmolested.


Yup, sometimes when you shoot street, you get caught :)

I need to tweak this one a touch more, maybe crop a tiny bit on the left, but it's my favourite shot of the day (despite the fact that it's not compressing well into smaller sizes right now).

Chocolate Art:

I asked a girl who walked past after to actually pose and let her reflection fall on the window shade. She was nice enough and played along. But the one that wasn't posed had all the motion and "it". You can't fake "it". You can try, but it's just a cheap knock-off of a genuine moment.

The following Kitsilano moment brought to you by: Sophie's-lineup, Lululemon and a sunny January afternoon.

Finally, Glass under Glass:

Hope you folks had a good weekend.


P.S.: If you just want to see a slide show of the photos, click here

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