Sunday, February 3, 2008

Deltaport 'scout' images

I went for a little ride yesterday and ended up at Deltaport. No real rime or reason, I was just scouting for locations to shoot when the light was right. Well maybe the fact that I just renewed my motorcycle insurance and hadn't ridden in January had a bit to do with it. That and the sunshine.

It was about 3 degrees out, so after I took these images I didn't get the camera back out as my hands were too cold to work it anyway. The ride turned out to be about 2 hours and I was pretty much an icicle when I got back home :)

All the images have been slightly processed, most with a bit of a graduating filter applied.

The Cranes

Coal train:

... and as always we play the "Colour or B&W" game

The View North

Mid day shadows in Febuary

Battle of Giants ;)

I'll be going back at night or in the early morning sometime soon to get some shots when the light is "right".

Link to the slideshow

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