Friday, February 22, 2008

The first "Spring" day of 2008

It felt so nice and warm today, you could almost imagine that the date was March 22 instead of Feb 22 and that spring had sprung :)

So I grabbed the camera and headed down to the beach to enjoy a nice sunset.

I wasn't the only one, the beach was noticeably busier than the last time I was there to shoot. And on top of it all, a volley ball game had broken out

I didn't move far, there was much to see and shoot.

... though why so many folks were looking down instead of enjoying the view, I could not quite understand.

And now it's time for another game of "Colour vs. Black and White"

Which do you prefer?

If you view this blog regularly, you know that I'm always predisposed to pick B&W over colour. However, today I really loved the light, the B&W shot above is the only one in this blog entry :)

A tiny bit of work with the fill flash

And many opportunities to photograph silhouettes, ducks, boats and the sunset.

... and one pink fluffy cloud :)

But mostly ducks and boats and silhouettes.

And that's it for tonight. Have a great weekend.


P.S.: If you'd like to see the photos as a slide show, please click here.

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