Monday, February 11, 2008

Just had to share

No photos today as I took the enduro out yesterday, along with my backpack of photography goodies, but got rained on. So the camera gear stayed in the backpack all nice and dry.

But I had one of those moments today that make me actually -gap- and go what?

We were changing out the photo display for the photography group at work were getting comments all along, mostly people commenting on the new photos. Except for one guy who came up and asked me if I knew who took the "The Middle of Nowhere" photo (below) that had been displayed previously... I'll call him Johnny-N0-Stars to protect the ... well, you'll see.

The discussion when a little like this:

Johnny-N0-Stars: You know who took that middle-a-nowhere picture?

Me: Yup, I did.

Johnny-N0-Stars: Oh, can I get a copy ... but can I get it in colour?

Me: -stunned silence-

Johnny-N0-Stars: I travel a lot and spend time in the middle of nowhere

Me: Well, no, it's in black and white for a reason.

Johnny-N0-Stars: Yeah, but I want it in colour.

Me: But it's not in colour. I shot it this way for a reason

Johnny-N0-Stars: Yeah, but just send me the original or something so I can have it in colour.

Me: Look. This is the way it is. It's black and white because I want it black and white. I'm the photographer ...

Johnny-N0-Stars: -getting into a huff- Well I'll just download it from the internet or something

Me: -walking away-

I didn't really waste any more time here. Just had to share... because I'm still shaking me head.

Ok, I fell better now. Thanks for listening (or reading in this case).

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julie70 said...

is this the "air" for the !afterclass! group?

was the photo of looking out answer to this blog note?