Sunday, February 3, 2008

False Creek Photowalk

The light was interesting this afternoon and I decided to take a stroll. Having finished "The Narrows" by Michael Connelly (I recommend it) I needed to get out in a hurry while the light was still good.

I decided to head down 4th towards Granville Island to see where I could get some interesting shots with the long shadows.

I stopped off again to shoot these vases

Ok, I admit, in this case I was more interested in the reflections of the pedestrian's reflections (you may need to see this large to get what I'm talking about). That means go click the pictures (or look for the slideshow link below).

Spot the sneaky photographer

Also note that this makes 2 colour images in a row ... shocking, no? ;)

Folks, support the United Way. Damn mountains ruin every shot, don't they?

Ghost shadow (finally, some black and white!):

Two of a kind

I quite like this one. Don't have a title for it yet.

I walked further along False Creek than Granville Island and quite enjoyed some of the views.

The sun was getting very low

Just a wisp of cloud

Again these darn mountains getting in the way of a nice shot

Things turned a light pink

Again that one single cloud

If you're one of the two people actually reading this blog (the other being me of course) tell me which one you like better.

The last bit of light

For this one I couldn't find a good spot to set up the tripod. So, handheld at 1/3 or a second (used the bridge railing for support)

I was so hungry at this point that I felt dizzy. Probably just a bit of low blood sugar (didn't eat enough today). Luckily I had some pizza in the fridge from last night. Washed down 3 slice with a couple of diet pepsis and felt much better :)

Hope you had a good weekend.


P.S.: Yes yes, if you don't want to suffer through all the rambling (and want to see the images large, click here for the slideshow.

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