Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First track day

So, it was time. Nancy was putting on another day at the BC Driving center. A way to come out and play on a track, or at least the cone equivalent.

Things looked pretty wet in the morning, so Jerry and I decided to wait it out a bit and I showed up around 10 am. Things were already underway and after paying to play, taping up the lights, signals and mirrors I was all set to go.

The track was tight, so tight that for the morning session I never got out of first gear on the Ninja (now, first gear topped out is about 120km/h for reference).

Jerry eventually made it out and after Tony stopped by we even managed to get some great shots of the event (Note: all image courtesy and property, of Thumphoto1)

Soon George, Jerry and I were out playing. George was setting a hell of a pace. He's done a number of track days and they show.

I'd stepped up to the fast group but it turned out that I was a bit to quick for the medium and a bit too slow for the fast group. After Jerry had a "moment" and highsided I got my suspension worked on as the Ninja was running very wide at the exit to the back sweeper. I went to the "fast medium" group after and ran another few session.

George coming around the outside:

My favourite photo:

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