Saturday, June 7, 2008

Taking a stroll with a bigger camera

I decided to really test the new camera for a bit, so I walked along some familiar paths.


Can you say "A**hole"?

Little story behind the above photo. I saw this glass elevator at the last second and fired off a couple of shots. The guy inside lost it. He came out and was yelling that I owed him $50. That I was going to make money off his picture. Etc etc.

I stayed cool and basically chuckled at the whole thing. And eventually just put my earphones in after he went off about how I was "no-one... NO-ONE...". So, despite the fact that it's a bad photo, I thought I'd post it. :)

Little ones

Sadly, they lied!

I wonder if that's what I look like :)

Granville Island floating homes

Dragon boats

Solitude in a busy city

Hill on Granville Island

View from the top

And then I ran into Miran

I saw him and then fired off a whole bunch of pictures before he knew who I was. :) That's one of them. I love the expression of the guy in the back who watched the whole thing 'go down'.

Jogging at Kits point


Dog beach at low tide


Serve's up

Slide show here


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