Monday, August 25, 2008

Home is where the bike is - Day 2

a.k.a. the real riding begins.

The breakfast plans (as most plans during the viffer get-together) were rather vague and we were to meet up at this hippy place off an alley behind 'The Co-op'. Luckily we found it easy enough, Nelson is a small place.

Some of the crew from last night was already there, but they were standing at the bottom of the stairs?!

Turns out the place wasn't really a breakfast place.

So we decided to take the organization into our own hands and wander around. As we get barely a block away, a woman in sitting in a stairway having a smoke calls out to us to see what we're all doing walking around early on a Friday. Turns out that she runs a small restaurant, but wasn't due to open for another 30 minutes.

So "Packrat Annies" opened early for our crew of 15+ hooligans. But as part of the bargain, we got to help carry and distribute cutlery, dishes, coffee and OJ. It was a blast!

Mike (Mr. Organizer) even made it eventually

Paul and Craig didn't seem all that impressed at first, but they got into it eventually.

So after a great breakfast, Tony and I went to do our own thing. We rode north towards Kaslo and enjoyed the run towards New Denver.

We'd gotten some information on a ghost town and just before New Denver we turned off towards Sandon. Through the town and soon enough the KLR's were in their element

and we'd found an abandoned mine.

There was even still ore in the shoots!

Things inside were still in 1/2 decent shape

But outside it was a different story

Where's Tony? (he's actually in this shot :) )

I decided against climbing along the old ramp

Here is the view from the little ghost town of Cody, BC

I tried to get a shot of the inside, but my arm didn't quite reach

After that Tony and I decided it was time for lunch. So we rode back to Sandon. The trailer was open for business!

The woman who was making our hotdogs was a wealth of information and told us about Idaho Peak just behind us. Climbing up there would mean that Tony would miss the 'brewery tour' later, but he was more interested in what they produced than how they got it there.

So we set off. The road was fairly easy, but they'd just sprayed something which seemed to be a combination of oil and water and was a touch on the slippery side. It did keep the dust down though.

Tony was on street oriented tires, so I took the lead. Here he is catching up and you can see some of the 'slime' in the corners :)

While it was a quite hazy day, the view from the top was spectacular. We'd climbed to around 2000 meters (6000 feet) and had a blast.

We both broke out the DSLRs and started shooting

Product placement shot

Beautiful alpine meadow, you can see the road running through it.

In case you couldn't here you go, a bit of a close up :)

We kept shooting

I have dozens more shots I like, but I'll spare you the repetition. Lets just say that we were both very glad to have taken the trip up here.

I stopped on the way down a couple of times to get some shots

Tony said he was amazed that I made him 'look fast at 2 mph' ;)

We decided it was time to stop for ice cream before riding back.

We wandered around and got a few more shots of the old town

And then it was time to head back. The ride into Kaslo was *ahem* spirited :D

After getting cleaned up, back to the bar.

Hey Tony, how do you feel about Honda riders?

Thatta boy!

The drinking continued. I have no idea what happened here... some sort of blurry shot ... oh well ...

The crew ended up pub crawling and some of us closed down "The Prestige". It wasn't even that late.

Day 3 preview:

Solo offroading.
More drinking. Seriously?!

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