Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You never forget your first time ...

... developing your own film

Well, tonight was my night. Yesterday I went out and picked up the chemicals we needed and tonight Paul showed me how to develop film. The hardest part is getting the film onto the carrier for developing as it's done in complete darkness.

Here I am taking the rolls out of the final stage:

And inspecting my first roll of film, yup there are actually pictures on it :D

And again as we are getting them ready to dry

Paul developed a few of his as well (actually, I did the last batch while he was working on his deck, so I guess I developed a few of his ;) )

On the drive home I managed to spot a cool sunset and took a bit of a detour to try and get a shot of the suns rays coming through the clouds that were moving in.

A good day :)


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