Sunday, May 3, 2009

Track Day shots

2 photos Tony took on Monday during a little track day.

One colour

One converted to B&W

It was a great day. Throwing that big ZX9R around, running with that nimble 600's is quite the experience.

I got better at setting up passes, but this time I stayed in the "medium fast", a.k.a. the non-racer group. I find it more comforting to be the guy doing the passing, rather than the guy who's getting passed. As last time, I think I was a bit to quick for the medium group and a tad to slow for the racer group.

Who knows, maybe next time I'll run with the track guys again, though I'd really like to have a lighter, race prepped bike for it. :)

(all imaged should be considered Copyrighted with all right reserved by Thumphoto).

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