Saturday, April 17, 2010

New West Dusk walk

A couple of things first. I'm going to break the photos out a bit different. In the past, I've displayed my photos chronologically. But lately I've been trying to shoot some specific items. In this post I will be grouping some by subject.

Second, not all of this walk happened at dusk. Sushi came in between a couple of parts of the walk ;)

B&W to start:
Old wheel-barrow

That's really more creepy than cute

Flowers and blossoms:
Yup, still spring

An early death


I recently received my copy of Ansel Adams' Portfolios. If you've seen the book, you may remember what inspired me to take this photo. If not, maybe pick it up, some excellent images.

In human habitat:
Squirrel on a wire

Like a duck to ... tile?

Around the courthouse:
Just another brick


a.k.a. The Hanging Judge


Begbie Court


Umm, no Vespas?

Wait ...

The art of the hydrant:
Growin' tall

For the dogs

(alternate title: The most pissed on hydrant in New West)

Terminal City Iron Works

(alternate title: Open --> )

Alternate views:
The photographer

Bench - redux



There really should be a third here, from my previous post, which is the Low Cost towing sign. It got me motivated to shoot old signs in the first place.

Industrial use:
Westminster Boiler & Tank

Westminster Boiler & Tanks backside

The next three I'm grouping because they just don't fit well anyplace else :)


Do I even have to mention that it was an amazing sun set?

Same but different


The earlier "brighter" stuff was shot with the 18-200VR, the later stuff with the 35mm 1.8. It's great to be able to hand hold at ISO 200 when it's just about dark out.

I hope you enjoyed some of the photos.

Have a great weekend.


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