Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some more Oregon 2009 photos

I had these on a roll the I just recently got around to developing.

They brought back some happy memories :)

Wet Dunes

Signs of life

Reluctant Photographer

Patterns in the sand

Some of the film had fairly significant damage. I'm not sure if it was a light leak or a temperature issue. But somehow, with a bit of cropping, they still hold a certain interest.

Sepia Dunes

On the Ridge

The final few shots are, rather fittingly, from our final night camping.

Cooking Breakfast

This photo is really here not for it photographic aspects, but more to show how we woke up. Michelle of course handling the cooking, she really has a knack for it. :)


The way the light was coming through the trees was really nice. Two final pictures


The path home

Thanks for coming along, I hope you have a good Victoria Day long weekend :)


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