Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another great day dual-sporting

The goal was to get from Harrison Hotsprings to Boston Bar. I'd never been that way, but after a bunch of checking and getting info, it sounded like it would be fine on a KLR.

We had 10 riders at the meet, a pretty big group.

Things got going pretty fast. Unfortunately I was having some issues with the front tire on the wet stuff (after all the rain there were some 'slimy' sections). So I slowed and took my time. We basically ended up with 2 groups.

Everyone got together at the forks.

Some great scenery along the way. I didn't get the camera out nearly enough. I'm hoping to get back there this year and take a bit more time to take photos.

In the long run, the water always wins.

I hit a nasty rock right before this, but luckily no flat :)

And then I forgot I had a camera. Or, more realistically, I was working hard muscling the bike around and didn't stop to dig it out.

We had to get over a tiny bit of snow at the pass and a large slide had just been repaired. No problems getting into Boston Bar for some lunch.

A few of us split off at that point to head home, the main group went to ride some more. Great day (even with the rain on the way home ;) )

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