Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Bryce, and Hello to Valley of Fire

We packed up the car and took on last look at Bryce Canyon. I was still trying to get "that" shot of Inspiration point that was in my mind. I did not get it. But it wasn't a wasted trip.

There is one place in Bryce that's outside of the park gate. Couldn't pass it up.

It was a wonderful morning, so we walked in a little bit

There was a narrow trail heading off to the tip of a lookout and Michelle thought she'd try to follow (remember, she's not so good with heights ... and more importantly drop offs).

The "trail" is that thin light line in the foreground. Michelle decided she would enjoy the view from a bit further back.

I was glad I went to have a look.

Then, we did a bunch of driving, through Utah and some crazy winds and even higher Summits (but without any summit signs, very disappointing).

Through some strong winds that rocked the car.

Past many tumbleweeds stuck in highway fences.

None of which was captured in any photos.

But then eventually (despite the GPS) we found Valley of Fire State Park just north of Vegas.

You can see the 'self portrait' technique secret in my glasses (hint: it's not much of a secret ;) )


And no, I did not 'induce' a red shift.

The way down was funny actually. It involved some sliding ;)

More petroglyphs

Lots more

Fire rocks

Some more of Valley of Fire in the next post :)

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