Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Valley of Fire - Part 2

Sometimes, when there are great and impressive things around, I like to look down, or behind, or in any direction but the 'great thing', because something, some little nugget, that most people will walk right past, is right there.

I liked the play of the light on the sand.

There was a board that tried to make sense of some of the petroglyphs

I didn't actually see the mystical bat woman, but then if I had I'd probably would have needed to change my shorts ;)

Black & White left, Colours right.

Though Michelle did start, once it got too narrow she turned back.

The view was interesting, but man, I had to hold on to the rock every time I turned to take a photo in another direction. Vertigo.

The way we came.

The way we were going (with Michelle way at the bottom)

Desert Landscapes

We decided to go on a little hike, to this 'cool rock'. Michelle investigated the flora.

Along the path

Looks crooked. But isn't.

Moonrise over mars


We found the 'cool rock'. Michelle investigated as I made friends with some of the other photographers hanging out all trying to get the same shot. Lost of tripods and cable shutter releases.

I just sort of squatted down in front of them and took my photo. I don't know if they sneered at my lack of tripods and extra gear, or my neophyte hand held shooting. I had my back turned ;)

Seems fine to me. In the end, it turned out on of the girls was taking photos for her class. She had a shaky tripod and I think would have been much better off with a good hand held shot. Also, she'd never tried a polarizing filter (that thing that turns the sky so blue). Turned out that with one of my adapters we could fit my filter. She took a couple of shots with it to see if she liked the result.

Me? I decided that black and white still has a place in a colourful landscape.

We didn't wait around too long and started hiking walking back.

Life fills the cracks

Then it was over to the 'arch'

And atlatl rock, which turned out to have more petroglyphs

Elmo's got nothin on her ;)

The sun was setting, it was time to head into Vegas.

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