Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pemberton to Horsefly

More amazing dualsporting this weekend.

I met Don in Pemberton on Saturday morning and we headed up to Seton Portage, via the Highline Road.

Sure didn't look like much at the beginning, this is literally behind someone's run-down mobile home

But it improved in a hurry. The tiny white line you see in the distance is the 'road' we were following

Here's Don catching up.

Yup, I was really there ;)

A bit better photo of the road.

We took a break here.

To bad no one was having a good time

The small community of Seton Portage at the end of the lake

The trusty bikes, dirty and in their element.

It's like a giant water slide, but without the slide

Then it was up Mission hill. A very fun and fast hill climb. View on the descent, that's the road from Gold Bridge on the other side of Carpenter Lake that Tony and I took last weekend.

The landscape changed quickly

In black & white the KLR doesn't look nearly as dirty

Luckily I slowed down before we pulled over here to take some photos ... or it could have gotten expensive ;)

Don and I split up in Lillooet, he was heading back to Pemberton and I had a lot of riding left to do.

I took the 'shortcut' between Pavilion and Clinton

Steep climb and descent, but the road was in good shape.

In Lac la Hache I turned off to find more gravel. Found it!

Eventually, and hour or so and through twists and turns, this lead me to my dad's place.

We had some brews and I enjoyed a nice sunset. The view from the suite above the barn.

Yup, it's somewhat remote.

Then on Sunday, one long highway haul back to Vancouver. No photos, just a lot of riding.

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