Saturday, July 6, 2013

Riding "The Hurley"

For 4 or 5 years I've been meaning to scoot up to Goldbridge and ride the Hurley road. Today Tony and I did. I left at 8.09 am and got back at 8.09 pm (exactly).

12 hours, but man, so worth it.

I guess these guys were doing their version of a Cannonball run. They felt very cool at the gas station in Pemberton. ;)

The ascent up the first part of the gravel road was a bit rough, no photos from there. Then, closer to the summit it smoothed out.
We came from there.

And were going that-a-way

Some of the scenery was absolutely stunning.

Downton Lake

The trusty KLR

The target turn around was somewhere past the edge of the horizon

We stopped in Goldbridge to get some local info. It payed off as we got a tip for where to stop for lunch

Too bad the scenery was so horrible ;)

Artsy road trip shot

Tony taking some photos. Middle of the road? If that's what it takes to get the shot ;)


Resort at Tyaughton Lake

We had the pulled pork sandwiches, but I was too hungry to take photos :)

Tony was on street tires, so I keep scooting ahead and taking a photo or two.

The terrain often changed quite suddenly.

Some pretty flowers, for those that like that kind of thing.

Last photo, after this we just rode ... and rode ... and rode.

Loved it.


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