Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Got my first roll of film back!

Obviously, some issues with the lens, but it will do as a 'bad weather' lens.

Some initial indoor test shots featuring Bob:

Looks a bit over exposed, but the metering seems to work ok on the FG

This manual focus thing is hard! Lets call it an 'artsy' shot ;)

And the best shot from the roll... Jenn!

Now, I've been friends with Jenn for a long time she often comes along on some photowalks and ends up in a number of pictures as a result, but quite frankly I think that's the best photo I've ever taken of her.

Slideshow here

Some general thoughts on shooting film:
  • It takes longer. No sh*t sherlock! But seriously, people give you more time. You take more time (especially with a manual SLR). It takes more time to get it back.
  • The anticipation is very old school. In an age of instant results, actions, feedback, sometimes the waiting is ok.
  • I like it. Sure, there is a novelty factor, but I feel that I'm already learning more about shooting. Having a 50mm fixed lens probably helps. Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up my digital gear. But I think I'll keep dabbling in this film thing some more. I've got 6 rolls of colour and then it's onto some black and white I think.
A new (to me) 50 mm 1.8 lens is on the way. Hopefully with less crap inside it. So more film results to come soon!

Thanks for looking.


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