Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Petrolheads Gelatto get-to-gether

Eric is back from Japan and with the record cold temperatures this spring, what better type of GTG than ice cream ... yeah I know, but don't ask me, my GTG's usually involve warm food and beer :)

I grabbed the D40 and headed out though and on 2 wheels even (no motorcycle pictures, nor car pictures). When I first setup my "index card flash reflector" people seemed doubtful, but I shoot ghetto when it gets the job done.

Our fearless organizer

The natural look

The posed look

For the record, I'm surprised that my lens didn't crack :D

Short sleeves?! (J grabbed a jacket shortly after as you can see below)

More people in the back (I didn't know most of them, and some drove, I shudder to say it, Hondas!)

Apparently E brought a new toy back from Japan, but he wouldn't tell us what it was. Bastard!

Nostril inspection

Artsy shot of E taking an artsy shot

And then there were 5. Everyone's getting frosty at this point, so we split shortly after. Fun times though!

As always, should you really want to see these pictures larger, you can. But please, think it through! ;)

Have a good one.


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