Saturday, April 26, 2008

Misson Raceway practice

Jerry and I ripped ... umm gently, yeah that's it gently, rode through some back roads and ensured that my kneesliders still work, they do, and then dropped by the practice at Mission Raceway.

If you're not into motorcycles, skip this post :)

Bernie wins the award for 'best shirt ever!'

Ryan (Naga) on Bernie's old bike

Not sure who this is

Dean had an "oops" but luckily the bike was fine! (I didn't ask about him... ;) )

Dean talking with Bernie and Jerry after getting checked out.

Fat ugly guy in spandex (a.k.a Ken) working on his bike. Ken beat all odds this season by making more than 2 laps without wrecking his bike!

Pre race yoga. Ken, put some damn pants on will ya?

Happy Faces

Chicken strips on race tires?!

Trying the new layout

Some sweet old school bikes were out

Honda used to make some good looking bikes ... what happened?!

Slidehow here

Then we had a kick ass ride home. Bikes ran great, we had good pace and it was a beautiful day. Both of us had some exciting times on sand today.

Hope you had a good day as well :)


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