Sunday, February 14, 2010

In Vancouver for the Olympics

We went downtown for the second day in a row to take in some of the Olympic vibe.

Luckily, the sky train didn't get very busy ... till Broadway that is

But you do get a great view of the Olympic village from the Science World Skytrain platform

The Russians have taken over Science World and were singing outside

... a couple of people came to see them

We walked around False Creek

and some of the same old sights haven't changed

but now there are a lot more folks taking them in.

Police are everywhere and from everywhere.

But they seemed to be in good spirits. I joked with a few of them, including the dive team doing ops around the athletes village.

I was toasty warm, but still many folks refused to take off their Olympic mittens and toques

nor their fake, real Lululemon, imitation hockey helmets.

Dude, WTF were you thinking?!

We didn't get into any of the 'houses' due to the lineups and decided to head over to Granville Island on the watertaxi.

Luckily Granville Island was almost deserted

We took in some of the exhibits of the Cultural Olympiad and some were outside and well received. On exiting one display we found people staring into the sky

... at a human mobile

... of drummers.

Everyone was amazed

... and they were not stationary, but being moved around.

And then it all made sense

... they were Francophones!

And here is a bit better look at the 'platforms' they were working of.

On the way over to take the temporary street car line, we ran into the Swedish bikini team

ok, I lied. But are you glad? I mean would you really like to see him in a bikini?!

Go Canada Go!

It seems that everything is popular, the streetcar was no exception

... more photos tomorrow :)


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