Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New West photowalk

I really haven't gotten out and done enough lately. Or, if I have gone out, I've shot film, which has a very delayed gratification factor (thought I've gotten some photos I enjoy).

Tonight I decided I needed to get out, enjoy the nice weather and shoot.

I just did a small square for a 1 1/2 hours or so. And that included stopping at the bike shop and picking up some bar tape for the road bike (way overdue upgrade).


Signs of Spring


I don't even know why I like that one...

Worn Down

Egg in the Sky

Two Days and Counting

The Waterfront

The Waterfront (colour)

As so often, I'm trying to decide if I prefer colour or black & white.

The Waterfront 3

Onwards & upwards

Single speed goodness

This bike is so incredibly light. Very sweet. The guys at New West Cycle are easy going and I think I'll be stopping in soon to rent a bit of bench space for a couple of hours and overhaul the Landau.

I like their Neon better than their Food

Plenty of Spirit

I'm seeing more and more Canadian flags as we get right up to the Olympics. I think it's time everyone stopped their petty bitching and supported our athletes now. But perhaps that's just me :)

Thank you, come again

That's all for now. Hopefully this will be the start to a very successful and active photography year for me :)

Slideshow here


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