Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic pictures continued

Some photos that I didn't get a chance to post yesterday.

As I mentioned already, police where everywhere. I did get a chance to joke with the RCMP dive-team (I checked, the visibility was poor, in case anyone wanted to dive around the athletes village, probably best to skip it for a bit ;) )

They actually had 2 boats out at the same time, both active.

Cameras were everywhere...

... as were art exhibits. Here 'ecological globes'

The other thing that's everywhere: Fences.

It's the "No Trespassing Olympics"

This is as close to any of the 'houses' as I got on Sunday

When we made our way to the plaza of nations, it was like we stepped into the Night Market

... except of course for all the Olympic gear

... and flags

Hotdog vendors were doing good business

Did I mention that cameras were everywhere?

Another shot from Granville island. I liked the lines (my attempt at 'artsy' ;)

And people were watching

Actually the above was from one of the exhibits on Granville Island. But very fitting for the Olympics.

Some people seemed more at ease with being observed than others

Others just looked confused at where to go next.

And some things defy description.

But everywhere people were happy to show where they were from.

Did I mention that it was Valentines day?

Some people got flowers, some dogs got flags. Both seemed pleased

We eventually walked all the way back to Science world. Still in the crowds.

And again home via the skytrain

I still have a few 'street' shots to add, maybe tomorrow :)


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