Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michelle and Bjorn's roadtrip photo essay - Day 6

The final day has been overdue. I wanted to wrap the trip a bit.

First, not that much interesting happened this day in terms of photography. We stopped to shop a few times and drove North. But at least the weather was nicer upon our return ;)

Looking back on this trip, it was a great journey. I've not had the opportunity to photograph so much on any of my previous road trips. Big thanks to Michelle, who was always willing to stop and watch me shoot yet more images. It also helped that neither one of us had a specific destination, schedules or places we 'had to be'.

Not having to be places lead to some of the things that made the trip memorable. Like almost aimlessly driving and taking in the sights, pulling a U-turn to explore a small roadside park only to find it leading to an abandoned power station and dam, all of it well away from any interstates. Stopping in a small town and being the only customers in a diner and hearing stories from someone who's obviously glad to tell them. Driving and hardly seeing other traffic only to see a lone cyclists and exchanging waves every time you cross paths, which you do as you keep pulling over to take shots.

Traveling the way we did gives you a view into the country that many people will never experience. Which is a damn shame.

I am reminded of a quote from Charles Kuralt
Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything.

Thanks for coming along on our journey. I hope you saw something. I know we did. :)


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