Saturday, November 6, 2010

Borrowed lens test

I met up with Paul Friday night to borrow his 70-300mm VR lens because I'm thinking of 'making a change on the long end' and it's one of the options.

He was kind enough to let me play with the lens despite the slight drizzle (much appreciated Paul!)

The light was already fading when I left the house and I took a couple of quick shots with my 70-210 lens, for comparison:

That's 70mm f4.0 @ 1/40th sec hand held using ISO400. It was a not that easy to get a nice sharp shot :)

For you non-photographers, just ignore all the data after the images. I'm including it for the one or two people who look at this blog and shoot themselves :)

"Almost IR"

105mm f4.2 @ 1/50th sec ISO 400

Obligatory tin soldier shots to follow ;)


105mm f4.2 1/80th

After meeting Paul we swapped lenses, he wanted to try my Sigma 10-20mm and wandered around the Quay for a bit as the sun was setting.

Too many lines!

122mm f4.8 1/60th (VR was on in Normal mode for all shots with the 70-300)

Seeing double

270mm f5.6 1/320th


70mm f4.5 1/125th

The man himself

70mm f4.5 1/40th

The Paddlewheeler at the Paddlewheeler

220mm f5.3 1/320th

River Adventures

135mm f4.8 1/320th


102mm f4.5 1/30th - railing supported, don't get too excited about VR performance or my hand-holding ability ;)


122mm f4.8 1/640th

At this point Paul and I swapped back, I threw on the 10-20mm lens. Wow, that's a big change. Here is a photo from the same spot I took the one above from

10mm f5.6 1/30th

10mm is _really_ wide. I forget that when I haven't put the Sigma on in a while ;)

Not even looking

10mm f5.6 1/10th

Hand-holding at 1/10th of a second sounds wrong. Your brain rebels for a bit and goes "that didn't turn out".

After this Paul and I stopped off for some lasagna at Rivers Reach and a couple (ok a few) beer.

Good times!


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