Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bird Sanctuary

Today I went to the George C. Reifel Migratory bird Sanctuary.

I'd stopped by there on a KLR 'exploratory' trip last year but never got to go in. It stayed dry, so once it warmed up a bit I drove out (thought I did have to check the map to remember how to get there :) )

I don't normally shot a lot of wildlife...

Hand fed


One of the big attractions right now are the snow geese. I didn't get very close, but they were definitely around.

I tried to get one of the nice V formations

Of course, I still looked for those non-wildlife photo opportunities.

Now that is a whole lot of snow geese!

Again with the non-wildlife. This is the far loop trail

The sanctuary is in between Ladner and the Container terminal, so there were plenty of ships in the distance

The highlight for me were the Sandhill Cranes. They were right next to the path at times

After the encounter with the first three it turned out that a larger part of the flock was just ahead.

Crane-Style Kung-fu!

Actually I really like that shot.

Crane Reflection

Dude, look down! They are right there! ;)

Ducks - there were many


You did have to look around every now and then to make sure you didn't run off the trail. Or into this


You got any food? No? Keep walkin'

Mallard in black and white

Yeah, I don't have a lens like that...

Just before I left there was a duck feeding-frenzy

A good day and well worth the $5 admission :)


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