Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Overdrive Chronicles - Intermission

So there are a couple of things that should have been part of the story, but for some reason, personally I blame the writer, they were left out.

First, it's the 'crazy squirrels'. Well, that's what Jerry calls them. I think they were chipmunks myself. In either case, these little guys would run out on the road and would stop and basically do donuts in the middle of the road between our tires, while we are screaming past. One literally did a figure 8 between my front and rear tires while I passed over top at over 100 km/h.

I basically aim right for them because they always move so I figure the safest thing to avoid them is aim where you see them. They won't be there once you get there :)

I'm happy to report that neither squirrels nor chipmunks lost their lives on Jerry and my little adventure. Though they may have been a touch scared ;)

Second, where the name came from. I really didn't know what to call our trip this year, but we ended up spending so much time cruising in 6ths gear somewhere just above the speed limit, I just figured it fit. It ended up with both of us getting crazy milage. On one stretch I got 200 km on 10 liters. Which on a literbike is really not bad. Jerry wasn't all that far behind.

Now that we've gotten the intermission out of the way, I'll get to work on the remaining parts. And I'll have updates on the rubberduck too ;)


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