Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Overdrive Chronicles - Part 2 cont.

The ride to New Denver was fairly uneventful, besides a Harley that streaked by. We took it easy and waited for the New Denver Kaslo stretch.

Turning east we started making our way up the hill and got past a mustang and some folks who were pulling their car out of a ditch in no time. From here it all got a bit furious.

I should say that I really love this road. It's the best road I've ever ridden. If it was four times as long that would be about the only thing that would make it better. Almost no driveways, light traffic, great sweepers and they repaved the part closest to Kaslo last year. If there are motorcycles in heaven, the roads must be something like this.

There is one 20 km/h hair pit where both Jerry and I had 'moments' last year, so that was one spot where I took it a bit easy. But every other stretch it was full bore. The twisties were smooth, no gravel, a few passes had to be made but they went by so fast that I hardly noticed. Jerry took a bit of extra time on the passes so a couple of times I slowed and made sure he was with me and all was well. All too soon we entered Kaslo and it was done.

It was all worth it. The commuting day, the long distance ride on sportbikes, all of it was made up for by getting to do the Needles run and the run to Kaslo. What a day!

We stopped for lunch as we were both pretty hungry at this point.

It was in the high 20's but for some reason Jerry ordered tea?!

I think the rubberduck enjoyed the ride on top of the luggage.

From here it was onto Nelson. The road in slows down to 'painful' speeds and we suffered a bit in the heat, it was about 33 degrees in Nelson and we couldn't wait to check into the Mountain Hound Inn.

A bit tired but ready to go out and find some rum!

The rubberduck didn't look like he was tired at all, but we left him behind at the hotel.

We wandered around for a bit and I shoot some film (I need to develop the black and white that I shot, it may be a week or so before I have any of them).

Eventually at 5 pm we ended up at the Hume Hotel. It wasn't too bad outside and we made sure we had plenty of liquids.

Beer for myself, rum and coke for Jerry.

For the first couple of hours we watched the helicopters get water from the lake to fight the forest fires.

The view from the patio

Jerry started collecting straws...

And our waitress kept bringing the drinks

She even posed with Jerry for a photo.

We talked to her and got her story. It's her's, so I won't repeat it all here. :)

Now if you're paying attention, you'll note that Jerry has more straws and the people in the background are changing... and it's getting darker.

Hey Mets, you getting drunk?

Now, sometime after this, some shooters arrived, courtesy of 'the house'. We were there a while and guess we were good fun :)

Eventually (like after 5 hours) even Jerry and I had drunk enough. So we wandered the 2 blocks back to the hotel and chatted with the girl at the front desk for a bit.

Notice all the extra straws.

I have no idea who took this photo or why, but apparently both the ATM and internet were out of order. I didn't think it mattered really...

That's all for day 2.


The beach
Getting ready for the trip south.

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