Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Overdrive Chronicles - Part 3

Needless to say, we did not get up at 6 am and go ride. I think we may have gotten up at 8:30 am and slowly made our way to some breakfast. And even that was a bit of a challenge.

Luckily the bikes were still at the broken meter where we left them (I like broken meters!)


If you do go to Nelson, I recommend the Full Circle Cafe. Good service, good food and a fine looking espresso station

Dallas, the owner of the Mountain Hound, had recommended the place. He also pointed us to some roads that were a little off the beaten path, with good corners and little traffic ... and even less enforcement.

So around 11 am we headed out on the bikes for an easy ride. Unfortunately, all the roads Dallas had recommended were being worked on by road crews. They were laying tar snakes and covering them with sand. Obviously a great condition for 140+ HP bikes.

We made a look out to Rossland and Fernie, but I shot film there so no photos till I develop it :)

On the way back we stopped and I got a couple of digital shots upstream from the dam north of Castlegar.

It was getting windy and muggy, notice the trees in the background.

I do like these rock formations right next to the highway

After we got back we squidded down to the beach. Shorts, sandals, helmet and gloves. We spend about an hour there and I went for a bit of a swim in the lake. Damn chilly but refreshing. Eventually the wind whipped up so much sand that it became uncomfortable and we headed back to the hotel after picking up some gatorade and snacks.

We crashed out for a while once we got back and I then I took my film camera for a bit of a walk. The wind was blowing and dark clouds were moving in. The forecast called for thundershowers overnight and tomorrow.

Eventually we ended up back at the Hume for some more fish and chips. It really is worth having it there!

Hey Jerry, how you feelin' today?

Note the difference in the sky from yesterday

And the difference in Jerry

It must have been the weather getting to him ... right?!


Corona in one hand, chocolate mouse in the other? Really Metz?

It was a short night ;)


Traveling south
A damn huge Dam
Racing the lightening

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