Monday, September 20, 2010

Michelle and Bjorn's roadtrip photo essay - Day 2

We spent the night in Omak, had some good (great?) Mexican food for dinner, some ok free hotel food for breakfast and set off for some lonely highways out towards Republic and then south.

Don't let it be said that we didn't go to lonely places.

That was at the end of some lonely road, which we then left to follow a gravel road, which we eventually got tired of and stopped in the mists.

Michelle did enjoy the cows we encountered along the way.

I wonder what dramas and comedies played out in these old homesteads, now abandoned.

The scenery south of republic is quite spectacular at times, Jerry and I rode through there some years ago and I was glad to come back and have another look.

A different take on the above, I'm not sure which I enjoy more.

One more for good measure?


We were approaching the Grand Coulee Dam

Have I mentioned yet in this post that I quite enjoy the desert?

We stopped off at the Dams visitor center. Here is Michelle showing girls could have worked on the Dam just as easily as the guys.

I figure this is as close to diving as she's ever going to get :D

The exterior of the visitor center

The bridge over the river.

4 cubic yard concrete bucket. 3 million of these buckets were poured.

It's missing some scale, it's my height.

The power house build in the 70's (added on after, go read up on the dam if you want to know more).

We were by far the youngest people on the tour

Ghosts in the machine

Seriously, I won't try to describe the scale of some of the things.

The tour

I quite like how that shot turned out actually :)

The interior

All the ripples and shapes are set to absorb the vibrations of the building.

OK, I lied, I will try to relay some of the scale. The tiny coloured dots visible under the powerlines are cars. That's one hell-uv-a waterslide, no? Unfortunately I didn't have my shorts on and the security guy that followed us everywhere probably would have shot me ... plus I might have gotten "concrete burns" on the way down, which doesn't sound pleasant now, does it?!

View from the top

Finally, we left the dam and headed further south. Steamboat Rock.

And we moved on, here I was looking back out the window

Dry falls

While the scenery was somewhat appreciated by Michelle, it could not hold her attention like the hundreds (thousands?) of bugs that her little car managed to kill. She's got photos. Lots of them. ;)

The long road

I'd had a shot in my mind ever since Tony and I went north through the Yakima canyon this year, of a tree in a lonely field. But there just wasn't the right kind of tree. But there was a rock ...

... and some neat patterns in the scenery (shot at about 60 miles / hour)

While on the subject of shooting out of a moving car, this was taken at about 40 mph.

Surely it won't win any awards, but hell it's not totally awful, is it?!

Not sure of the speed here, but at least 35 :)

At some point the towers started to look like giants.

It was hot in the car and our vision did not improve as the day got longer. Damn bugs.

We finally headed into Wenatchee and called it a night.

... but not before going out for dinner.

We were a bit early (on stomach time, it was actually getting a bit late) so we drove around, then took some photos. Michelle stole my camera and took this as she thought it was funny to take a damn Harley photo ... with my camera

I'm not sure what her inspiration was for this one.

But I was bloody mad when she told me about the Harley

Even after parking we were still a bit early. So we took a little walk.

I'm looking to put together a set of 'weathered doors'

I also enjoy the old painted signs on the buildings

And the alleys

And the old industrial buildings

Liberty is a bit besmudged... like so many places in the "free world"

Finally we had enough of a walk to go to McGlinn's

It was a good day.

I hope you're not bored by all the photos, it must seem like I'm posting every photo I took. I assure you, I'm only post a small fraction of the over 1000 photos I took on this trip :)


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