Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Michelle and Bjorn's roadtrip photo essay - Day 3

We headed out of Wenachee after another hotel breakfast.

More '60 mph' photos :)

We stopped on the way over to Ellensburg

Then headed into the Yakima Canyon where we pulled out the camping chairs, sat by the side of the river and had a snack.

This is the tree I wanted to come back for. The time of day wasn't right of course :)

Michelle taking a photo of me taking her photo, or was it the other way around?!

A bit wider

I shot some medium format film as well, but it's not developed yet.

Back on the road, still heading south

We stopped to pick up some fruit for snacks

And then again to check out this cool looking mountain

Chinook pass, another place I had wanted to come back to. In a way this is the spot that had the biggest influence to the direction of our trip.

We took a walk around and got bit by some pretty nasty bugs (horesflies / blackflies ?) in the process

An absolutely gorgeous alpine meadow

The other view

We didn't go up to windy ridge as it was getting later in the day, but we did stop and have a look at St. Helens.

The Celilo Inn in The Dalles had rooms and a nice view

We stopped on the way to dinner and I took a couple of quick hand held shots

This one I'm only posting because it's a 1.5 second exposure without a tripod (steady knee ;) )

That's it for day 3. Another good day on the road :)


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