Monday, August 11, 2014

2014 Dual sport trip - Day 1

This trip was supposed to start with the 3 amigos, but at the last minute Jerry had to pull out for family reasons.

But Tony and I said "Quitter!" and carried on. The plan was for 9 days of riding. East, then South then ... well, we'd work that out when we got there.

We met at a reasonable time and Michelle took a couple of parting shots, which she tries to do every year :)

I was eager to get rolling ...

... but then I remember to add the dust caps back on ;)

And we were off

The first day was all about commuting. Not great roads, mostly highways, it was about making miles and getting to Nelson. So much so that we didn't really take any photos worth sharing. Though when we sat down at the hotel bar, there was an empty spot for Jerry...

The food was good!

We turned in fairly early, tomorrow the 'real' riding was going to start, we were heading towards Sandon and Idaho Peak.

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