Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2014 Dual sport trip - Day 2

Turns out Tony likes to get up early, and I wasn't that far behind. So we ended up having breakfast quite early for a Sunday morning. It felt like we had the town to ourselves (almost). We did chat with one of the local Nelson cops, who was a nice enough guy (he rode dual sport bikes as well, which I'm going to claim had a lot to do with it ;) )

Local Object-de-Art

We were packed and ready to head out shortly after, though I'd spotted some patterns and colours on the deck that I wanted to get a short of.

Artsy Nelson pic

Ready to ride!

We had a very pleasant experience with a cop on the way out of Nelson (as in, he waved at us to slow down but didn't turn on his lights ... so we did :) ).

The Kaslo to Sandon run was great, pavement was beautiful and I only had one deer encounter, which was easily handled. The ride up Idaho peak was much narrower than I remembered, but after climbing 1000 meters in 10 kilometers, we were here

I did have to squeeze past one truck, and by that I mean I was leaning the bike out at as far as I could while almost clipping the truck with my shoulder, so that my side bags wouldn`t scratch his quarter-panels. Sounds dangerous until you realize he was stopped and I was in first gear. Tony told me that he moved over a lot more for him.

If you have very good eyes you can just make out one of the loops of the road below

It`s a pretty steep drop on both sides of the parking lot

Full sized SUV on the way up, for scale.

A different view of the view

more in day 2 - part 2.

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