Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2014 Dual sport trip - Day2 cont.

When we were riding back down to Sandon, there was a steady stream of cars coming up. Given that there road was just wide enough for one car, that did slow us down a bit.

Here is a view of Sandon down below:

We cruised over to the abandoned mine, passing a woman in a Jetta with 17" inch rims and a mountain bike on a roof rack. I was amazed that she made it as far as she did without getting a flat or tearing off her oil pan. Turns out she missed the sign to Idaho peak. We were able to send her on her way.

Some shots from the abandoned mine

Find two-sock-Tony

Picture for Jerry. I still think this is one of the better roads in BC, though it pales in comparison to some others I've ridden further south.

Tony indicating ... well, I have no idea what :)

Lunch was a bit late and we were both starving when we got into Kaslo

That night we toured the Nelson patios and got through a few before being back at the hotel.

A historic view (Jerry collected a lot of straws here ;) )

Tony and I started goofing with camera settings

My my that's a fat beer.

The sunset was cool though

Tomorrow was going to be another hot day filled with BC gravel.

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