Thursday, August 14, 2014

2014 Dual sport trip - Day 3

Tony had talked to Jerry and I about doing the northern loop to go from Kaslo to Nakusp, via a fair chunk of gravel.

We set out fairly early and I took a test ride on Tony's Triumph. I wanted to have a nap it's so smooth. But much slower to dip into corners. Great long distance bike I think.

Our first stop was when we were checking out one of the side roads while looking for a ghost town

The temperature was good, but you could tell it was going to get warm.

The gravel roads were pretty smooth and quick and we soon found the site of the, previous, ghost town. Sadly, not much was left.

Some damn clear water though.

At least there was a plaque

I set out first because I tend to be a bit quicker on gravel, though we agreed where we'd meet. The road got faster and faster, to the point where I was doing tripple digits on gravel. It was like a gravel superhighway. No photos, I was too busy riding.

Somehow I missed the stop where we said we'd meet and ended waiting for Tony here.

Except he never arrived. So 10 minutes later I started heading back and I was looping all over damnation trying to find him. Turns out, he was doing the same and eventually we met up. Probably wasted 30 minutes, but the time isn't the issue, it's the fact that you don't know where your buddy is and that's not a good feeling. Anyway, soon we were off to Nakusp for some food, we were starving and hot. No food pics though :)

We flew past a few folks on cruisers on the way back to Kaslo and over dinner in Nelson planned the next day. It was damn hot and getting hotter, the forecast for Orofino was somewhat depressing (39 C and getting hotter).

Tomorrow, the ride turns south.

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